Repost: One Goal, Many Paths – Next Steps After Not Matching feat. Drs. Brian Fung, Beju Shah, David Vu, Tony Dao

Today’s episode is a REPOST to 2019’s special episode about next steps after not matching. The four of us have had different stories on what we did after not matching and want to let you know that it’s OKAY. There’s still Phase 2, there’s still other pathways to get to where you want to go.

Original Shownotes from 2019: This year, over 4000 thousand applicants matched for a PGY1 or PGY2 pharmacy residency program. These individuals are moving on to an amazing opportunity where they can continue to expand their skillset and evolve their knowledge.

But… over 2000 applicants did NOT get this chance.

If you were one of the individuals who did not match, know that you are NOT alone. Know that it’s OKAY. Know that there are MANY different pathways to achieve your end goal.

On today’s special episode, Dr. Beju Shah, Dr. Brian Fung, Dr. David Vu, and Dr. Tony Dao all share their stories of how they did not match for residency and talk about the next steps they took that eventually navigated them into their DREAM careers.

We encourage anyone who’s listening to share your story and let everyone know that they are NOT alone. Please share your stories on any social media outlet using #OneGoalManyPaths #YourPharmacyStory .

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