311. Empowering Pharmacists with Bayesian Dosing Tools feat. Dr. Sharmeen Roy

Intended Audience: Everyone

Note: During the time of this recording, Dr. Roy was the Senior Director for Pharmacy Solutions at DoseMeRx. As of October 2023, Dr. Roy is now Chief Strategy & Science Officer, and DoseMeRx has grown as a company.

In this episode of "Pharmacy, IT, & Me," recorded in March 2023, we sit down with Dr. Sharmeen Roy to delve into her pivotal role at DoseMe Operations. DoseMe is at the forefront of delivering Bayesian software solutions tailored for pharmacists, and Sharmeen sheds light on their innovative approach. We also explore her inspiring career journey, offering insights and inspiration for all those passionate about the intersection of pharmacy and technology. Join us for an enlightening conversation with a true trailblazer in the field!

To reach out to Dr. Roy, you can check out her LinkedIn page: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sharmeenroy/

Learn more about the platform at https://dosemerx.com

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